David Bale’s Net worth & Bio; The Married Life of Christian Bale’s Father

Some people have made a positive impact in this world, and they will never be forgotten even after their demise. Being an environmentalist in not a joke. You have to battle with big corporations or any other factors that adversely affect the environment. The same is the case with David Bale, who was a renowned entrepreneur and animal rights activist.

If you are familiar with actor Christian Bale, then you would probably understand what we are talking about. However, in this article, let’s focus more on Christian’s father rather than the actor himself. So, here are some fascinating facts about David’s married life, children, net worth, biography, and many more.

Image of David family and his family

Caption: David family and his family

Who was David Bale? Activist and Businessman

He is a businessman and environmental activist who raised one of the leading men in Hollywood. But before his rise to prominence, David Bale was a commercial pilot and worked for the commuter airline in England.

As a businessman, he mostly focused on marketing skateboards and imported jeans. Moreover, he was mostly recognized as an environmental animal rights activist. For this cause, he served as an essential member of the Ark Trust and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

In 2002, the Ark Trust became a part of the Humane Society’s branch in America. Additionally, he served for a non-profit international organization named World Education in Massachusetts, USA. So, David earned a considerable amount of fortune as a businessman and environmentalist. He had a net worth of $30 million during the time of his death.

David Bale’s Age & Biography

David Charles Howard Bale was born on September 2, 1947. He spent most of his early years in South Africa and later migrated to England. David Bale is no more with us, for Christian’s father passed away on December 30, 2003, due to brain lymphoma. He died at the age of 62.

Talking about his family, he was born to English parents in South Africa. His dad, Philip Bale, worked as a pilot for the Royal Air Force. So, the family had to migrate from one place to the other. David found himself growing up in several countries, including Egypt, England, South Africa, and the Channel Islands.

Image of David Howard Bale

Caption: David Howard Bale

David Bale was married three times

Christian’s father had a history of several relationships and marriage. Like any other famous personality, he had struggled with finding the perfect partner. Bale got married a total of three times during his lifespan.

First, he tied the knots with a South African woman named Sandra Kreunen. However, his newfound wife filed for divorce in 1964 while the man returned to England to visit his old mother.

Sometime after, David tied the knots for the second time with Jenny James in England. But, just like the previous one, his marriage turned out to be a disaster following a second divorce.

Finally, on September 3, 2000, Bale married his third and last wife, Gloria Steinem. When he seemed to have found his soul mate, he passed away only three years after. Talking about Gloria, she is a political leader, writer, activist, and journalist. They had a private wedding ceremony in Oklahoma.

Amid their wedding celebration, the authorities accused the couple’s motivation for marriage. Bale had overstayed his visa and had been facing deportation at the time. So, Steinem refused the acquisition, saying that she really wanted to marry Bale for good.

Image of David Bale with his third wife, Gloria Steinem

Caption: David Bale with his third wife, Gloria Steinem

David Bale had Four Children

During his short marriage with Sandra, he had his first daughter named Erin Bale Kreunen. Despite the tragic end of his second relationship, he had three children with Jenny named Sharon, Louise, and Christian. Well, you might be familiar with one of his children, Christian Bale, who is a famous actor.

Image of David Bale with his son, daughter and second wife

Caption: David Bale with his son, daughter and second wife

Christian Bale Short Bio

Christian Charles Philip Bale is an English actor who is fondly known for movies like Little Women, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Prestige, American Psycho, and many more. He has an intense method of style when it comes to acting. We have often seen him transform his body in drastic ways for his onscreen roles.

Bale was born on January 30, 1974, in Haverfordwest, Wales.  The actor is 46 years old as of 2020. He made his debut at the age of 13 in a film named Empire of the Sun. Since then, he has contributed in many supporting and leading roles for several decades.

Talking about his relationship, he married Sandra Blazic in 2002, who is a former model. The couple has two children since their marriage. They first had a daughter named Emmaline in 2005 and a son named Joseph in 2014.

In addition to his acting career, Bale is also active when it comes to environmental groups, just like his father. Christian supports groups like the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and many more.

In July of 2008, Christian’s mother and sister accused him of assault at the Dorchester hotel. It became a controversial drama while he stayed in custody for four hours. However, the authorities denied the assault charges due to lack of evidence.

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