Who is Megan Glaros? Know Her Net Worth & Salary, Also Wiki-Bio, Family.

Megan Glaros is well recognized when it comes to journalism. Megan has been loved and appreciated for her work by a lot of people. Let us get to know about this talented reporter. 

Aren’t you curious about what exciting things might Megan have done in her life? And most importantly, it is always safe to say that we are most curious about knowing what a person’s net worth looks like and especially when it is some famous personality like Megan. So let’s follow and learn about Megan, starting from her early life, husband, children, salary, divorce, et cetera. 

Let’s get started with her wiki-bio first, early life/shall we? 

Megan Glaros’ Early Life:

Megan Glaros is known as a charming television personality. She was born on the 14th of March in 1972. Similarly, this gorgeous beauty was raised and born in Dyer, Indiana. She belongs to American natives while she of white in ethnicity. According to some sources, it is said that she was extraordinary at studies in high school. 

Furthermore, she started her studies in journalism and atmospheric science at Indiana University and Texas Christan University and therefore got her degrees there. Glaros has always been secretive when it comes to her personal life. Hence, we do know have much information on her. Nevertheless, let’s see what else we can find about her out of the early days of her life. 

Let’s take a look at her career.

Who is Megan Glaros? Her Profession.

After her graduation, there came the first step of her career. Megan’s career started in Parkersburg, West Virginia, but it did not take her much longer to move to Baltimore, Maryland. In Baltimore, she worked for the Sinclair Broadcast Group, where she did the work of forecasting weather for like five different cities on the same night. 

Image of Caption: American meteorologist, Megan Glaros

Caption: American meteorologist, Megan Glaros

Likewise, we saw Glaros move to South Florida in September of 2004, where she became a SportsJam Live’s host and also a Local 10-morning news meteorologist. While filming, he has dealt a lot of troubles facing an active hurricane. Four years later, in 2008, she started working for WCBS-TV, and in August 2010, she was employed as a meteorologist for CBS 2. 

Now we shall move towards knowing the net worth and salary. 

Megan Glaros Net Worth.

With all the work she has been involved too, it admittedly does seem like she earns quite a handsome amount of income, right? Though she does not like disclosing her personal life, you don’t have t worry about not being able to identify her net worth or salary. A meteorologist himself has a salary that ranges from $32,000 to $103,000. So with that being said, it’s not a low amount. This means that Megan, too, has a similar amount of salary. 

And now let us notify you that she has a net worth which adds up to $2 million and that surely is quite an absurd amount, right? 

Moreover, let us move towards her husband, divorce, and children, which is like the end of the article. 

Have you been enjoying it so far? 

Megan Glaros Husband, Divorce, Children.

Just like a lot of us people, Megan, too, has a partner who she loves dearly. They have been married since 2003 and still are genuinely in love. Megan is married to her husband, Lance Bruggeman. However, Megan is a simple woman, and so she has been married to a simple man, so there is no information about her husband. He is not a media personality, but they live a perfect life together with their children


Image of Caption: Megan Glaros with her husband Lance Bruggeman

Caption: Megan Glaros with her husband, Lance Bruggeman

After years of marriage, finally, in 2010, Megan gave birth to their first daughter, who is named Lana, and then sometime later, the family welcomed adorable twins. The twin brother is named Leo while the twin sister is called Willow. Megan loves her whole family, dearly. Megan lives a lavish life with her husband and three children and cares about them equally. 

Image of Caption: Megan Glaros kids daughters Willow and Lana, and son Leo

Caption: Megan Glaros kids daughters Willow and Lana, and son Leo

Similarly, Megan and Lance have a solid relationship and bond. To date, there is no news regarding their divorce or any affair that could break them. 

Now lastly, we will look at a wiki table for some convenience.

Megan Glaros’ Wiki-Table:

Full Name Megan Linnea Glaros
Age Almost 48 years old
Birth Date 14 March 1972
Birth Place Dyer, Indiana
Profession Journalist, Meteorologist 
Net Worth $2 million
Marital Status Married 
Spouse Lance Bruggeman
Children 3 (daughters Willow and Lana, and son Leo)
Height  5 ft 7 inch 
Weight N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Capricorn
Social Media Instagram




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