David Axelrod: Net Worth of Former Senior Advisor to the President

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Who is David Axelrod?

David M. Axelrod is an American political advisor and analyst and former White House bureaucratic. He is probably most famous as the chief tactician for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Image of David Axelrod, former strategist, and analyst to the president

Caption: David Axelrod, former strategist, and analyst to the president

Following Obama’s election, David Axelrod became the senior advisor to the president. In early 2012, he quit the position and embellished as the senior strategist for Obama’s successful re-election campaign in 2012.

As of 2015, he joined CNN as Senior Political Commentator and wrote for the Chicago Tribune. Currently, Axelrod is the director of the non-partisan University of Chicago Institute of Politics, initiating from December 2019.

His Early Life and Career

David Axelrod was born in the Lower East Side of New York on February 22, 1955. As a juvenile, he was a big fan os the Kennedys. When he was 5, he sat above the mailbox close by his family’s flat to see John Kennedy’s speech at a political rally. 8 years later, at 13, he volunteered with Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign.

David graduated from Stuyvesant High School in New York in 1972. David mentioned in one interview, ‘I attended The University of Chicago, I was educated at the Chicago Tribune.’

After graduating from the University of Chicago in political science, Axelrod spent almost eight years as a Chicago Tribune’s political reporter, the youngest political writer to be named on paper. The Chicago Tribune appointed Axelrod to cover national, state, and local politics.

Image of Axelrod talking to reporters in the "spin room" after the Cleveland Democratic debate in February 2008

Caption: Axelrod talking to reporters in the “spin room” after the Cleveland Democratic debate in February 2008

David Axelrod first encountered Obama in 1992. They got to know each other through Bettylu Saltzman, a Chicago Democrat, when she introduced two of them. Axelrod was among the people Obama would consult before delivering his 2002 anti-war speech. He was also active in the Obama campaign, serving as the chief strategist and media advisor for Obama.

He said in The Washington Post, “I thought that if I could help Barack Obama get to Washington, then I would have accomplished something great in my life.”

Meet David Axelrod’s Wife-Susan Landau

Axelrod met his future wife, Susan Landau, playing basketball in a coed league in Hyde Park. They married each other happily in 1979. Axelrod’s wife, Susan, is a co-founder of Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE). She, formerly, served on its advisory board. Susan is the daughter of research doctor Richard L. Landau.

Meet David’s and Susan’s Beautiful Family

David’s mother, Myril Bennet Axelrod, was a journalist for the left-wing 1940s magazine PM, and his father, Joseph Axelrod, was a ballplayer and psychologist. The couples have two sons, Michael Axelrod and Ethan Axelrod, and one daughter, Lauren Axelrod.

In June 1981, their first child, Lauren, was diagnosed with epilepsy at seven months of age. It was the inspiration for David and Susan to create a CURE Organization, which is an active pioneer to epilepsy cure research.

Susan told “The baby was so congested, it was impossible for her to sleep. Our pediatrician said to give her one-quarter of an adult dose of cold medication, and it knocked her out immediately. I didn’t hear from Lauren for the rest of the night.  In the morning, I found her gray and limp in her crib. I thought she was dead.”

Image of Family of David Axelrod

Caption: Family of David Axelrod

 David Axelrod’s Net Worth

According to the reports, his estimated Net Worth as of 2019 was $1.9 million. Similarly, his net worth as of 2018 was $1.6 million. His annual salary is still under review.

Image of Former Senior Advisor to the President, David Axelrod net worth

Caption: Former Senior Advisor to the President, David Axelrod net worth

David Axelrod lists his Chicago Condo for $1.25 million. 

Fun Fact: He told the hosts of “Morning Joe” that he would shave his signature mustache if Obama lost Pennsylvania, Minnesota, or Michigan in the 2012 Presidential Elections. He got to keep his mustache.

Check out the latest tweet of David Axelrod! “What is it about ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ and Russia? American troops targeted, and he still has nothing to say.”

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