Christina Amanpour’s Life as a Journalist; Her Net Worth & Married Life

Veteran journalists are a dying breed. After all, it is a natural phenomenon for the new to replace the old, but it is essential to remember the contributions of those before them. We are talking about thvasca idromassaggio cinese amazon  filtro askoll pratiko 400  מרכז הלבשה סניף נתיבות  ceyo cocuk ayakkabi  wieszak na ubrania i parasole  lego vlaky  اضاءة بالطاقة الشمسية ساكو  dita logo משקפי שמש  עפולה רח יהלום  frozen schminktisch toys r us  shein vestidos coctel  מעבד gb ram  surround system ohne subwoofer  red leather shirt  best looking nike air max  e vital work of veteran journalists like Christina Amanpour. Why don’t we take a look back at her career and, in a way, also decode Christina Amanpour’s net worth?

Let us also check out Christina Amanpor’s married life in the meanwhile. Who is her Husband? Why did they divorce? How many children do they have? Answers to all your questions about Christina’s marriage and family life in her biography and more;

Image of Christina Amanpour's net worth and married life

Caption: Christina Amanpour’s net worth and married life

Christina Amanpour’s Wiki Table

Name Christina Amanpour
Profession TV host, anchor, and Reporter
Birthdate January 12, 1958
Birthplace Ealing, Middlesex, England
Age 62 years old
Net Worth $12.5 million
Salary $2 million annually
Marital Status Divorcee
Husband James Rubin (m1998-div2018)
Children One son (Darius John Rubin)
Height 5 feet 7.25 inches

1.71 meters

Weight 65 kg
Body Measurements 36-25-39

Christina Amanpour’s Journey from Iran to England

Christina Amanpour was born on January 12, 1958, in the Ealing, a Western London suburb in Middlesex, England. She was born to a Catholic mother, Patricia Anne, but her father, Mohammad Taghi Amanpour is a Persian Muslim from Tehran, Iran. Her parents took her back to Tehran until she was 11 years old when they sent her back to London to complete her studies.

She was a pupil at Holy Cross Convent, an all-girls school until she was 16 years old, and then she went on to attend a Roman Catholic School in New Hall School. Her family later moved permanently to London shortly after the beginning of the Islamic revolution. They never were forced to leave their homes but left due to the threats of the Iraq-Iran war.

Christina Amanpour’s Education took her to the USA.

The 62-year-old would then move to the USA for further pursuit of education and career. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 1983. During her time in college, she was also working for WBRU-FM’s news department and an NBC affiliate, WJAR.

Fresh out of college, she would find a job at CNN headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia, but only as an entry-level desk assistant. She would rise in ranks quickly and became a correspondent. Her Persian ethnicity and Iranian background was an asset which got her the lead of covering the Iran-Iraq war. She then went on to cover other significant news like the ‘fall of the European Communism‘ and the ‘Persian Gulf War.’

Image of Christina Amanpour covering the Persian Gulf War

Caption: Christina Amanpour covering the Persian Gulf War

Christina Amanpour’s Net Worth from Career

This was just the start of her career. She would go on to interview major leaders from war and terrorism hotspots like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Israel, etc. The CNN Reporter was also in the USA to cover Hurricane Katrina and other famous people like Hilary Clinton, Nicolas Maduro, Emanuel Macron, John Kerry, and Dalai Lama.

Amanpour is also given significance for her first international interviews with figures like British PM Tony Blair, French President Jaques Chirac, and Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. On the other side, she also has famous interviews with actors like Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, and Meryl Streep. Throughout her career, she also has been awarded two Peabody awards (in 1993 and 1998).

Caption: Christina Amanpour’s interview with Mohammad Gadhafi

If we are going to discuss Christina Amanpour’s net worth, we also certainly can’t forget, her coverage of the Bosnian War. Despite her controversial statement in that coverage along with other similar moments like her stance about Syria, Christina Amanpour still has a massive net worth. Her net worth was estimated to be around $12.5 million as of 2011, with a yearly salary of $2 million.

However, in 2010, Christina Amanpour made a significant career change moving from CNN to ABC to anchor ‘This Week.’ It was not a good idea as the show’s ratings took its biggest tumble since 2003. So by 2012, she was returning to CNN while also reporting as a global affairs anchor for ABC. The double affiliation would only mean further growth in Amanpor’s net worth.

We even project that Christina Amanpour’s net worth maybe around the sum of $17 million as of 2020, but we still need time to cross-check it. For now, let’s go with th safer option and consider her net worth is $12.5 million.

Christina Amanpour’s Divorce after a Long Married Life

Christina Amanpour was married to James Rubin, a former US Assistant Secretary of the State. They were married in 1998 until recently in July 2018 when they had their divorce. Nowadays, it’s not that uncommon for couples to drift apart after years of marriage.

Image of Christina Amanpour with her husband

Caption: Christina Amanpour with her husband

The ex-couple was married in August 1998 in Bracciano, Italy. The couple had met a year earlier in 1997 in Bosnia, where Amanpour was there covering the War as CNN’s chief correspondent. At the same time, Rubin, as the Assistant Secretary of the State, then was representing the country in public affairs.

They fell in love and had a beautiful marriage, which may have come to an end, but they do have one symbol of their former life. The emblem we are talking about is their son, Darius John Rubin, born in 2000. The family was moving to and fro between London and New York City for residence until finally settling in New York City.

Image of Christina Amanpour with husband and son

Caption: Christina Amanpour with husband and son

Their son Darius is already 20 years old and very close to his mother. So close that he often tags along with her on her work assignments. They went on a trip to Egypt in 2012 to “explore the history of the Bible.” He wrote his experience, which was published on ABC News’ website. Similarly, the mother-son duo also went to visit Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan and spoke to several refugees there.

Image of Christina Amanpour and her son Darius in Jordan's Syrian Refugee Camps

Caption: Christina Amanpour and her son Darius in Jordan’s Syrian Refugee Camps

With an upbringing like that, young Darius will probably follow his mother’s footsteps to become a famous journalist himself. Let’s hope that actually comes true.

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