Burzis Kanga: What Is He doing Now? Facts About Hoda Kotb’s Ex-Husband

Many celebrities have married more than one time. However, they’re lucky enough to found a partner and living a blissful with loved ones. Similarly, Host of Today show and news anchor Hoda Kotb engaged with her boyfriend turned fiancée, Joel Schiffman, in 2019.

Before that, Hoda was married to her ex-Burzis Kanga, but the marriage didn’t last long. So, how long have they been together? Know everything about Hoda’s ex-husband.

Quick Facts

Name Burzis Kanga
Birthplace USA
Birthdate N/A
Profession Head Tennis Coach
Net Worth Estimated $1 million
Spouse Hoda Kotb
Children No
Height N/A

Who is Burzis Kanga?

Burzis Kanga is well-known as the ex-husband of Hoda Kotb.  He only became famous because his name was attached to his ex-wife, Hoda. Burzis is a tennis coach, but he has successfully kept the details of his personal information such as date of birth, parents, as well as childhood.

Image of Burzis Kanga is the ex-husband of Today's host, Hoda Kotb

Caption: Burzis Kanga is the ex-husband of Today’s host, Hoda Kotb

As far as background information, Burzis was born and raised in the United States. Also, his ethnicity is unknown, but some sources claimed that he is either of Tanzanian or Egyptian origin. The tennis coach had a degree in business but chose sports as his career. Over the years, he has been an integral part of New Orleans sports. He earned a degree in B.S. in 1984.

How Burzis kanga and Hoda Kotb Meet?

Like most relationships, Hoda and Burzis’s love story started with a friendship. Burzis met Hoda at an event for the American Heart Association on Valentine’s Day in New Orleans. The couple became friends and had a whirlwind romance, as he proposed to Kotb in May of 2005.

Image of Kanga and Kotb were married for two years

Caption: Kanga and Kotb were married for two years

After seven months of their engagement, Kanga and Kotb decided to take their relationship to the next level and tied the nuptials in December 2005 in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Hoda Kotb was a news anchor for a local station in New Orleans. At the beginning of their marriage, everything was perfect and going everything well. In June 2006, Kotb told New Orleans about that married life. She said married life has been great, and they loved just king knocking wrong New York and going out to eat at various locations. But as time passes, the relationship fell apart, and Hoda severed him divorce papers.

Why Did Burzis Kanga and Hoda Kotb Divorce?

A year later, of their marriage, Hoda filed for divorce from Kanga on February 15, 2007. He told the media outlet that they have some differences. At the time, his father was ill, she was sick also, and it was a difficult time. They have some personal issues.

When Kotb filed for a divorce, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, Burzis continued to travel from New York to New Orleans to be with his wife and also put a strain on their marriage.

Kanga said the reason behind their divorce was a level of immaturity to each of them and, subsequently, the two split. Despite all of this, he only says good things about his ex-wife. The divorce finalized on February 6, 2008.

His ex-wife Hoda got engaged to fiancée, Joel Schiffman, in 2013, but they’re not married. On the other hand, Burzis vanished from the media after divorce from Hoda.

Do They Have Children?

Kanga and Kotb didn’t have any children together. When they got married, Hoda was 41, and it is hard to give birth to a baby at that age. Now, Kotb is 51 years old and enjoying her life with her fiancée.

The news anchor has adopted two children named Haley Joy Kotb and Hope Catherine Kotb in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Kanga is a Former Tennis Player

Kanga made a name for himself as the head coach of men’s and women teams at the University of Louisiana. He developed his interest in tennis when he was in high school. He was one of the excellent tennis players between 1980 and 1983 and also represented his university team in several competitions.

In 1996, Kanga served as a sports commissioner for the Amateur Athletic Union. Additionally, Burzis was a board member of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation. Currently, Burzis serves as the head coach of the New Orleans Privateers.

What is the Net Worth of Burzis Kanga?

The former University of New Orleans tennis coach Burzis earns a significant worth from his career. Kanga makes thousands of salary as a head coach. To date, he hasn’t disclosed the exact salary and net worth to the media. According to Glassdoor, the head coach’s average salary is over $40k and earns up to $70k in a year. As per online sources, Burzis Kanga’s net worth is believed to around $41 million.

On the other side, his wife, Hoda’s net worth is $30 million in 2020. She makes a salary of $7 million per year. Significantly, she has less salary than Lauer, who as making approximately $20 million in a year.

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